Today, wireless connectivity is a prerequisite for a comfortable existence. Thanks to the availability of Wi-Fi, we can access communication and all kinds of entertainment from almost anywhere in the world.

However, there is no need to be upset if a restaurant or hotel has no access point, because you can ask friends or relatives to give out Wi-Fi from a smartphone with any operating system.


Most Android phones work as a stand-alone router with no problems. To take advantage of this feature, you first need to activate data transfer on Android, otherwise the device will not be able to access the global network. If the phone has two SIM cards installed, you should select the one through which the Internet will work.

You can enable data transfer without problems through the quick access panel by swiping twice from the top edge of the screen to the bottom. Most often, the icon “Data transfer” is two arrows, looking in opposite directions from each other. In addition, you can also activate access to the Internet in the settings, namely in the items “Mobile Data” and “Data Transfer”.

When the activation is successfully completed, you can use the smartphone as a full-fledged router. Here you’ll need the items “Modem mode”, “Access point” from “SIM cards and networks” or other similar sections. If you move the slider to “Access Points”, Wi-Fi distribution will be enabled. After that, you can share mobile Internet.

It’s also worth remembering about settings such as “Password” and “Frequency Range”. Predominantly devices function in the 2.4GHz band, so check whether the frequency is set correctly.


To give out wifi from your iOS phone, make sure that the data transfer is activated. To do this, open the Settings menu, go to “Cellular Data” and move the “Cellular Data” slider so that communication is enabled.

In “Modem Mode,” turn on the modem. The iPhone will then begin sharing the network (it will automatically be assigned a phone name). And the page will automatically show the password for the connection.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone mobile devices can also be used as a full-featured router.

To use this feature, turn on the mobile Internet. Go to “Settings” and look for the column “Data transfer”. Activate the function by dragging the slider: the icon on the panel will notify you that the network is on.

Next, select “Shared Internet” in the settings. After you press the “Setup” key, a window will open in which you can use the automatically generated password or set a new one. That’s it, now you can distribute mobile Internet!

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