Earth is a wonderful planet, where you can find many beautiful places. But there are some where you would never want to be, and once you’re there, you must leave as soon as possible. Otherwise, the trouble will come.

Lake Kivu

Beautiful and scenic Lake Kivu is located in East Africa. The crystal clear water in a beautiful evergreen landscape may attract tourists, but it is better to choose another place to stay.

In the mountain lake is about 55 billion m3 of methane, this gas is dangerous to all life. Although people live here and even attract visitors from all over the world! But methane turns everything around it into a powder keg. Add to this the active volcano Kituro, and it becomes even scarier. The last time it erupted in 1948, Lake Kivu boiled over and killed all life in it.

Comodo Island

Komodo Island is located in Indonesia. It is home to varanas, huge three-meter-long predators that are protected because of the threat of extinction. The reptiles are known for their excellent sense of smell – they can find their prey by the smell of blood from a distance of five kilometers.

Even the dead do not sleep eternal sleep here. Varanas dig graves to eat human corpses, so they bury them here only under sturdy concrete slabs. And even through them, the varanas can smell blood.

The Road of Death

At the beginning of the 20th century in Bolivia prisoners built a road at an altitude of 4 km, which connects the province of Yungas with the capital of the state. The road is called the Road of Death because of its width of about 3 meters, the huge number of sharp drops and the constantly collapsing soil.

It is not easy to overcome about 60 kilometers on this road. The Bolivian government in the second half of the 20th century tried to fix the road, but the idea was abandoned. It was too dangerous.


On April 26, 1986, a reactor at a nuclear power plant explodes in the city of Pripyat and a radiation dose in the air that is 10 times the level after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The contamination, scientists assure us, will persist for centuries.

In the meantime, a few hundred people live in Chernobyl. They have remained in their native place because they were unable or unwilling to leave.

Manchak Swamps

Legend has it that in 1915 a witch and Voodoo follower, Julia Brown, was held captive here. Before she died, she cursed the place. A few days later, a hurricane struck and swept away all the buildings, and then people began disappearing.

Attempts were even made to drain the swamps completely, but that did not help either, the workers disappeared without a trace and no one could find them. Perhaps part of the answer lies in the local residents. There may be no ghosts, but there are a lot of alligators.


In the Karakum Desert (Turkmenistan) there is a huge fire crater that was created when a well was drilled in 1971. Initially there was a small hole, it was only 20 meters deep, but there was gas coming out of it.

To protect themselves and others, geologists decided to burn it, believing that the fire itself will go out in a few days. But the fire did not stop and is still burning today. If you walk and stand next to it, you can fall inside, right into the Gates of Hell, as the locals called the fireball.

Valley of Death

At the base of Kihpinych volcano is a place called Death Valley. The volcano itself is located in Kamchatka and is famous for the gas springs on the western slope. Except that it is a mixture of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, which kills all animals passing within a radius of 2 kilometers.

This is one of the few places on planet Earth where it is impossible to be without a gas mask.

The Afar Basin

The place in Ethiopia is famous for constant earthquakes. The tectonic plates are in constant motion, forming sinkholes that are up to 10 meters deep in some places.

In a year there are 160 earthquakes, most of them very strong, so everyone who gets here is in great danger.

The Danakil Depression

Another place from Ethiopia, this time from the northern part of the Afar Basin. Here, in the hottest place on the planet, it is incredibly beautiful and just as dangerous. Even in winter, the temperature does not drop below 37 degrees.

As if on purpose, there are three volcanoes in the hollow, one of which is active, Ertale, with two lava lakes.

Snake Island

Brazil, Keimada Grandi Island, which can be translated into Russian as “Snake Island. It is home to an endemic species of snakes, the island botrops, capable of being found only here and nowhere else, the venom kills a person in a few seconds.

And there really are a lot of them here. The population density is five individuals per square meter. The Brazilian government has forbidden people to visit this island, both because of the excessive danger and for the sake of preserving the local flora and fauna.

Earth is a beautiful planet and at times incredibly dangerous. Lovers of thrills can choose a suitable trip for themselves. The main thing is not to forget the protective equipment, which will be needed in some places, and it is desirable to enlist the support of an experienced guide.

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