Everyone wants to be beautiful and stay young as long as possible, but… But almost all people have bad habits that prevent this.

To start living a healthy lifestyle and get rid of vices forever, you need to know them “in person.

Use of Alcohol

Ethyl alcohol poisons the body, and this is a fact. In addition, the appearance suffers from frequent drinking of alcohol: swelling, bad breath, a characteristic skin tint, and so on appear.

But the worst thing is that alcoholic beverages are addictive. Gradually alcoholism develops. A person loses control over himself, internal organs suffer. First of all – the liver. Its tissues are destroyed, giving way to fatty deposits, dangerous and fatal diseases develop (hepatitis, hepatosis, cirrhosis). Excessive alcohol consumption is one of the most terrible addictions, comparable to drug addiction.


“A drop of nicotine kills a horse” is something almost everyone has known since childhood. Smoking not only affects the color of your teeth, the freshness of your breath, and the tone of your skin. It can cause the most serious and fatal illnesses.

The respiratory system is at greatest risk. Heavy tar is deposited on the walls of the lungs, it becomes harder to breathe, and large amounts of sputum are formed. This is fraught with the development of chronic bronchitis. In addition, few people enjoy interacting with a person whose behavior becomes nervous in the absence of access to nicotine.

Lack of sleep

The most common bad habit is lack of sleep. A healthy lifestyle should include a full-fledged sleep, as it is the best prevention of nervous disorders and has a positive effect on brain activity.

Sleep affects the appearance (from the lack of sleep there are circles under the eyes, the skin becomes gray) and the body’s resistance. Sleepless person easily catches respiratory viral infections and acute respiratory infections, is more susceptible to stress and vascular disease.

As a result of a long absence of sound sleep, irritability increases and work capacity decreases considerably: a person spends many times more time performing elementary tasks.

Incorrect posture

The main support of the skeleton, the spine, must be straight. Incorrect posture seriously spoils the outline of the figure, and disturbs the work of the internal systems, in particular the respiratory and digestive systems, and most importantly, the nervous system.

Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and kyphosis (stooping) are the most common forms of incorrect posture. If the diseases are not corrected, the volume of thoracic and abdominal cavities will decrease with time and this will affect the functionality of the organs. In addition, when scoliosis develops, the body curves, which is clearly not ornate.

Harmful food

There are healthy and unhealthy habits in eating behavior as well. Fast food, snacking, lack of eating habits are the causes of poor digestion, excess weight and bad breath.

Regular consumption of “unhealthy” food leads to stomach upsets and metabolic disorders. Instead of nutrients, fatty foods enter the bloodstream and plaques form on the walls of blood vessels. The result is duct blockage, strokes and heart attacks. This can be avoided by replacing unhealthy foods with healthy ones and by regulating your eating habits.

Lack of hygiene

The most beautiful appearance can easily be spoiled by a lack of hygiene. Unbrushed teeth and unwashed hair repel others and can serve as a breeding ground for new “friends” – bacteria and parasites.

Banal tooth brushing saves from gastrointestinal diseases and dental problems. There is no need to say any bright words about the benefits of body washing: it’s enough to remember the unforgettable emotions of being near a person who forgot to visit the shower. The prospect of a long neglect of the rules of hygiene – jaundice – a disease of dirty hands.


Banal laziness is a faithful companion of bad habits. Lazy to wash, lazy to cook “right” food, lazy to go for a run…

What’s next? Next will be lazy to get up from the couch, and life will be limited to a basic set of “necessary” actions. This behavior can be called premature moral old age, and the way of thinking affects appearance and health. Few people enjoy interacting with a passive person who is stuck in the proverbial “comfort zone” and does not seek personal development.

Negative Attitude

A person’s life depends on his thoughts. If you assure yourself that everything is very bad, it will be so: people shun pessimists and do not like other people’s complaints, because everyone has his own problems. Moreover, worries are reflected in the facial expression, and negative emotions make the face unattractive.

Psychosomatics is a very powerful thing. It should never be underestimated. Once you allow negative thoughts to settle in your head, they form a snowball effect. At this rate, it is not long before you get apathy, and even worse – depression. Not a pleasant prospect.

Preventing and Fighting

In the interest of health, beauty, and personal well-being, there must be a constant prevention of bad habits, and the main thing that must be overcome is laziness.

To get used to something new and get into a healthy lifestyle, don’t set grandiose goals right away. Start small. For example, try to eat only healthy foods for a week. Then increase the period to 2, 3 and so on. Introduce new habits in life gradually.

Some useful tips:

  • Choose activities that do not involve alcohol;
  • Find interesting recipes for healthy meals (healthy food can be very tasty!);
  • Quitting smoking is not difficult, special pills, nicotine patches and other tools help to fight the vice;
    Healthy sleep solves a lot of problems, so sometimes it is better to leave extra work and entertainment for “later” and just sleep.

Stay healthy!

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