Extreme, spectacular skateboarding has its roots in surf culture. The new sport was born on the California coast thanks to desperate surfers who couldn’t do what they loved because of the long calm. They screwed wheels to their boards for fun and had the contest on the sidewalk.

More than a toy

No one took seriously the entertainment of young people, but in the 70’s the hobby has turned into a subculture. Skateboarders had a special style of dress, unconventional preferences in music and separate areas for riding. Later, manufacturers invented a children’s skateboard for a younger audience of fans, improved the longboard and created several unique types of transport for ardent fans:

  • A mini skateboard with a wooden deck 60 centimeters long;
  • a penny board, a cruiser with a strong plastic base;
  • ripstick on two wheels with a torsion bar in the middle.

With more than seventy years of history, skateboarding has gone from childhood fun to an Olympic sport, debuting at the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

The benefits of skateboarding for kids

The hobby gives a sense of extreme sports, captures the spirit, and allows you to find new friends and like-minded people. The extra activity doesn’t hurt schoolchildren and teens, distracts them from their smartphones and helps them

  • Integrate into a new community;
  • overcome their own fears;
  • improve physical fitness, flexibility, and balance;
  • develop important qualities of will – stamina, discipline;
  • learn to accept failure as a part of life;
  • to be more persistent, to work tirelessly on yourself for the result.

The rollerboard is a comfortable, environmentally friendly and economical transportation. It will give your child a lot of fun, will help believe in themselves.

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