Consider the stylish and inexpensive Jabra Sport Pace headphones with a built-in fitness tracker.


Jabra Sport Pace Wireless is available in three different colors – blue, red and yellow. No matter which color you choose, the cord reflects ambient light so that users are more visible at night. You may have noticed that they look familiar and bear some resemblance to the Beats Powerbeats 2, thanks to their earhooks. To me, they seem more comfortable than the wingtip mounts used in many other headphones, including some from Jabra. The Sport Pace Wireless are very light – they weigh 22 grams, and after a while you’ll notice that they barely feel in your ear. This happened to me during my testing as well, as even the most comfortable in-ear headphones always remind me that they are there. These headphones are IP54 rated – protected against sweat and rain, as well as shock resistant. If anything goes wrong, Jabra offers a one-year warranty.


Unlike some other headphones released this year, the Sport Pace Wireless uses Bluetooth version 4.1. While this is not the latest version of the technology (it will be 4.2), it is much newer than the 2.0 EDR version used by many competitors. Pairing is very simple, and instructions on how to connect with the device of your choice are provided. The Bluetooth range is 10 meters, although in most cases you only need a couple of meters.

If you look at the controls, you will see that you have a standard microphone and a remote control that will be behind your right ear. This may seem awkward at first, but we’ve found that you get used to it pretty quickly. You have a multi-function button, as well as buttons and which adjust the volume and fast-forward and rewind when held down. Another button on the right helps you connect to the Sport Life app. This app not only helps you plan and track your workouts, but also gives you useful fitness information, shows you how much battery power is left and even gives you tips on how to properly set up the Sport Pace Wireless.

Battery Life

The Sport Pace Wireless lasts 5 hours when playing music or in talk mode. Luckily that’s not too bad, because thanks to Rapid Charge technology, a 15-minute recharge will give you another 1 hour of use.

Sound Quality


The headphones do a great job of playing heavy and similarly aggressive music, which is famous for its low end.


The details feel pretty good, the headphones do a great job with sound retention. In addition, there is noise isolation, which will come in handy when you are at the gym or in the office.


Jabra has introduced its own branded approach, only with additional fitness features and a lower price than competitors on the market. Even the short battery life is made up for by the fast charging feature, this is also coupled with comfort, sound quality and a small price. They definitely deserve our recommendation.

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