Many people do not even think about when and what we eat. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are simple daily rituals that we used to perform since childhood. Therefore, often a person has certain habits imposed in the family or in society. Habits can be good, but also harmful to our health.

Moreover, the world also dictates its own rules – the rhythm of life has accelerated so much that there is almost no time left to watch what we eat. We have constant snacks, fast food, we practically do not chew what we eat, we watch TV at breakfast or dinner.

Consequences of malnutrition

If a person does not eat properly for a long time, it will definitely affect his health – the consequences can be very negative and even life-threatening. Among the common symptoms are the following:

  • drowsiness during the day;
  • growth disorders;
  • increased fatigue;
  • the condition of hair, skin and nails deteriorates significantly. The same applies to teeth;
  • the work of organs and systems in the body is disturbed. This is especially true of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • signs of depression appear.

Do not delay, it is better to immediately consult a specialist who will determine what exactly your body lacks and how to properly adjust your diet to improve your health.

Food is life

No one can argue with the fact that food is a key moment in our lives. From food we get the necessary energy, nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. If we do not get enough of the trace elements we need, our metabolism will be disturbed and our health, the functioning of certain organs and systems will deteriorate.

But frequent, hearty meals can also lead to poor health. Body weight may increase, fat will accumulate, and chronic diseases will appear with age. As a rule, the body in this case may lack some important substances, but others will be in excess.

Thus, the concept of balanced nutrition means the use of those products that the body needs to maintain energy and health. Rational nutrition contains three basic rules:

  1. Food regime. It is important to monitor when you eat – you need to make yourself a schedule and stick to it;
  2. The body should receive so much food, the energy from which will be enough to replenish the forces spent by a person in a certain period of time. That is, if you play sports, you need to eat foods that will help you feel cheerful and recover quickly after training;
  3. You need to consume in sufficient quantities those products that contain useful substances for your body.
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