The scooter is an excellent means of transportation that bridges generations. Both children and adults use it, and sometimes even the elderly, breaking the stereotype that at a certain age it is inappropriate to do such things. Older people are eager to use electric versions, while younger people often prefer not a calm and measured ride, but a more extreme entertainment – performing jumps and acrobatic tricks on a scooter.

But is it possible to do this on an ordinary scooter? Of course, no one will forbid extreme lovers to try to do this, but it should be understood that the classic scooters (even the most expensive ones), if you jump on them and overcome all kinds of obstacles, are unlikely to withstand overloads for a long time. But the design of a good trick scooter is able to withstand all possible and impossible, what they will do on it!

The main advantages of trick scooters are:

  • excellent controllability;
  • high durability;
  • durability;
  • durability.

They cannot fall apart even under very high loads and expose the rider to danger. In general, the best scooter for freestyle – the one in which there are as few elements and connections as possible, because they reduce the durability of the entire design. The wheel of such a vehicle should rotate 360 degrees to be able to perform rotation or some other tricks.

Wheels are also important – they are smaller and stiffer compared to their usual counterparts for urban models, because they have to withstand ultra-high loads. In addition, their core and bearings must be made of the strongest materials. Speaking of material, a trick scooter usually has an aluminum platform and handlebars.

But in some models they can also be made of steel alloy. In any case, the most durable materials are always used for this type of scooter, to ensure reliability, safety and the best opportunities in all situations when performing jumps and tricks.

How to choose the height of a scooter for jumps and tricks

Some people may be intimidated by the inability to adjust the handlebar height – especially if you’re making the choice for the first time. However, this is not a disadvantage in this case because, as mentioned before, having the extra hinges needed for adjustment would result in a loss of sturdiness of the trick scooter. So just read carefully the information from the manufacturer about the dimensions (especially – what is the height from the handlebars to the floor and to the clamp) – and choose the most appropriate model.

It is worth noting that trick scooters are also available for children (you can start with the older preschool age). However, the first attempts to jump should be made under the watchful eye of adults. If your child is 115 cm tall, the scooter should be about 70 cm in height. The older and higher the child (from 115 to 130 cm), you can safely look for a model with a height of 70-75 cm. Children taller than 130 cm, but below 145 cm should feel good on scooters having a height of 76-81 cm. When a child grows up to 160 cm, models from 82 to 84 cm will do.

In turn, teenagers, whose height is between 160-170 cm, should have models on which adults can also perform jumps and tricks (about 85-90 cm). For taller people, experts recommend trick scooters higher than 90 cm. Choosing the right height for your trick scooter is crucial. Of course, the values listed are only indicative so that you can more or less know what to look for on the market.

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