Share the joy

“Guru relationship” is never tired to repeat: a couple is very important to respect personal boundaries and space for each other. So it is so, but we think that if you constantly spend your leisure time separately, it will not strengthen the relationship. We say: Offer your boyfriend to go with him on a fishing trip (sauna, hunting, soccer, carpentry – depending on what he likes). You’ll see – not only will it pleasantly surprise him, but it will also add a lot of bonuses to his attitude toward you. Take a sincere interest in the details of his hobbies, ask him to teach you the simplest things. Interest in your partner and what he wholeheartedly loves is the perfect glue for a relationship. Offer him reciprocity and take him to the racetrack, to an art workshop, to a pasta-making master class.

Invite guests

Oh, we can already imagine your questioning look, because we promised you a non-trivial list. Read to the end, though – it will be interesting. We suggest that you and your boyfriend have a so-called “secret dinner,” the fashion for which began in Europe and went around the world. The trick is to invite strangers and treat them to your signature dish. The conditions for getting into your dinner, choose your own – it can be a monetary contribution as payment for your work or each guest’s signature dish that he must bring with him. For convenience, you can split the duties with your boyfriend – he creates a social media group and handles invitations and organization, while you prepare dinner. Teamwork will bring you together, and the unusual atmosphere and evening in the company of people you both see for the first time in your lives will be remembered for a long time.

Go on a mini-vacation

And this is just something that could be attributed to the banal points, if it were not for one “but”: how often you actually, rather than in conversations, can afford to snap and go to an unfamiliar city for the weekend? That’s right. In addition, such actions will not only shake up your relationship, which is a must for every couple in the deep fall, but will also open up many new facets in them. We advise you to choose a city in which neither of you have been – then no one will try to play the role of a guide, and someone – a surprised tourist. When you’re on an equal footing – a lot of things around you suddenly begin to look differently. Get tickets on Friday, and return on Sunday night – it means giving yourself a vacation at a time when it is still very far away. And to learn a lot about each other.

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